Backpacker Economy

“Gonna take you for a ride on a big jet plane” @angusandjuliastone
Isn’t it time you booked that flight?
Start your adventure off right with

‘Money don’t make my world go round, I’m reaching out to a higher ground’ Des’ree.

Unfortunately, money funds your travel especially when you’re backpacking or on a gap year and have to work out your budget to explore Australia has lots of different visas for you to work on.

Thinking of a working holiday Australia?
Here is some info on rent prices from the 4 major cities.
Where would you choose to live?

The most important question when travelling.
How much is a beer?

28 minutes of work on minimum wage in Australia gets you a pint.

Need help before you go to Australia?
Head over to our page on Facebook and message us for FREE advice.

Or check out the Australian Immigration page HERE

Is Australia expensive?
Is it a great place to work and travel?
You bet your arse it is. Now order me a Big Mac

Save money by getting an overnight bus 🚌

I may not have climbed Everest, but I have clambered to the top bunk after 2 litres of goon, which I believe is more of a challenge.

Heading to Australia soon? Need some help? Contact our team of travel experts on our Facebook for personal expert advice.

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