Ever had that feeling with a sibling that they copy whatever you do!

Keep up Sydney!

People say Australians don’t get irony.

“Come along, Get it on¬†
Riding in our rollercoaster of love”
B*Witched – Lyrical geniuses ūüėú

I’m not trying to say Melbourne is a trendsetter…buuuuut it is a trendsetter

What a show! Come rub shoulders with the next Margot Robbie or Russell Crowe ūüĎę

Who doesn’t like free things?
Free transport in inner city Melbourne.
Or you pay $3.46 to get 3km in Sydney city. Completely up to you

Undoubtedly one of the great travel books.
Based in undoubtedly the greatest city.

Like sports? Football? Rugby? Gaelic Football?
If you said yes to at least one of them, then you need to go and see an Aussie Rules Football match when you’re in Australia.

Who is your favourite superhero?
There is no doubt now, that ours is Batman.
Who is coming to Batmania anytime soon?

Great to have Chris Hemsworth on board as the unofficial Tour Adviser for Welcome To Travel: Melbourne

“It’s not all about size” ūü§Ē

Did you know that¬†Melbourne¬†has been voted the most liveable city for the past six years? It makes it the best place in¬†Australia¬†to¬†travel¬†for backpackers¬†and gap year travellers¬†We don’t want to start another rivalry with Sydney¬†but just like to state facts.

We don’t like poking fun at Sydney…but it is just too easy.

Melbourne just knows how to have a good time.

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*Can only message if you’re wanting to have a good time in Australia, we don’t do average.

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