It is here, our Welcome To Travel: Melbourne Summer 2018 video.

A pretty epic video, if we do say so ourselves. This is the journey that YOU could be taking in 2018. Melbourne is the best place to start your Australian adventure so what are you waiting for? Oh, the video was too good you didn’t realise what is included in our 8-day welcome week? Here is a quick list.

[one_half]✔️ Airport Pickup

✔️ 7 Nights Accommodation

✔️ Expert Travel Guides

✔️ Small Group Tour

✔️ Exclusive 2 Day 1 Night Getaway

✔️ Surfing

✔️ Kangaroos

✔️ Koalas[/one_half]

[one_half_last]✔️ Penguins!!!

✔️ St Kilda Beach Day

✔️ Paddleboarding

✔️ Melbourne City Foor Tour

✔️ Bar Crawl

✔️ Employment Help Whilst In Australia

✔️ Friends For Life!!!

➕ MUCH MUCH MORE [/one_half_last]

All this on your first 8 days in Australia. Want to find out more talk to our TRAVEL EXPERTS, CHECK OUT OUR TRAVEL DATES or follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for FREE travel advice and inspiration.

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