5 Places To Watch The World Cup In Melbourne

Dust down the jersey, get your bets on and fill yourself with sheer hope and blind optimism (if you’re English anyway) as it’s that time again, WORLD CUP TIME. There are tough times when travelling, maybe Christmas, or a birthday perhaps? For many though, the World Cup is harder. There’s something special (perhaps because of it’s scarcity) about your whole country coming together and being captivated by an event on the global stage. Check out these 5 places below if this sounds like you and you want to find solace in a place that may go some way to recreating that atmosphere. **If you’re Dutch or Italian you’re lucky this year, you won’t have any issues in missing out on things back home…**

The Imperial

Without a doubt the best bar in Melbourne to watch sport. Is it fact or opinion? No, it’s definitely fact!

The Imperial wins because pre-match you can either watch every sport under the sun or chill out (very chilled at this time of year) on the rooftop.

The Imperial is also pretty well renowned for it’s pub food and there’s no bigger example of pub food than their latest offering…THE PIZZA PARMA. Yes, the 2 big cheat meals beginning with a P, right next to each other to form one cheat meal, which is good really as it saves you having 2? Almost healthy perhaps? You say you wouldn’t have one, but wait until your 59 minutes in to the Panama v Tunisia game, you’ll be trying one.

The Crafty Squire

The Crafty Squire has long been an iconic venue for tournament football. The management and staff embrace the atmosphere and really put it on for the footy faithful.

THIS YEAR THEY ARE OPEN 24/7 WHILE THE WORLD CUP IS ON! Can’t embrace it much more than that I guess.

For anyone that’s not been to the Crafty; firstly why? Secondly though, it’s a place that makes you want to drink. Named after James Squire, an entrepreneurial convict and Australia’s first brewer of hops, each beer has a story behind it and the beers’ story and flavours are on display and your greed and intrigue just make you feel you should try them out.

If you feel like trying them out while watching the footy then head here and you can actually book a spot in the venue.

Beer DeLuxe

Sticking with the theme of your intrigue meaning you yourself through some beers, Beer DeLuxe is serving beers from 8 participating countries on tap.

The beers from Denmark, England, Japan, Poland, Germany, Argentina, Belgium and Australia will be available from 14th June to 15th July and they’ll be showing every minute of the action across the four weeks!

Smack bang in the middle of Federation Square, this a great venue for locals and tourists alike. You also have to hand it to them for what they’ve called their beer inspired football frenzy….Beers and Balls.

Charles Dickens Tavern

The contrast here is great, buried away in true hidden-bar-scene of Melbourne style is the Charles Dickens Tavern, a British pub serving Tetleys, London pride and HobGoblin on tap.

Not only that but they do Bangers and Mash and a Shepherds Pie, I mean SURELY there’s no better place to scream in frustration as you and your mates watch England pass sideways for 90 minutes?

Red Eye Bar

Well what doesn’t this bar do? Red Eye Bar is the backpacker hub in St Kilda and of course showing every single game for the World Cup. 

So if you’re staying in Base in St Kilda when the World Cup is on, you can roll out of bed and wake up and watch Morocco and Iran…if you really want to.

Written By

Adam Ogle

Co-founder of Welcome To Travel, who loves a bloody good blog about travel, sport, Melbourne, food and gin. 

And a long term believer that England will win the World Cup once in his lifetime.

Check out welcometo.travel

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