Are you wanting to come to Australia and needing an excuse to come over??? Well now this is your chance to fly to Melbourne and come on the best tour in Victoria, Australia.

This competition is running from the 28th April to the 26th May 2019 exclusively on Instagram.

And will be announced live on Instagram on the 26th May so stay tuned.

Terms & Conditions –

  • To enter you need to head to our Instagram post and follow the prompts on the video.
  • You must able to travel with Welcome To Travel in 2019/2020 .
  • You must fit into the age restriction of Welcome To Travel guests. (Aged 18 – 39 years old)
  • The time of the draw will be 8pm AEST 26th May 2019.
  • If the winner does not respond within 24 hours of it being announced, then we will redraw the competition until we get a winner.

So do you want to have the chance come to Australia for FREE then click below.

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