Melbourne Mini Pack: The 4 Day



Whether you are on a Working Holiday Visa, heading on a Gap Year or just travelling around, our Melbourne Mini Pack is a perfect way to get started!

We’ll set you up with all the essentials, show you around the greatest city in Australia (the World), before sorting you with a one-on-one with one of our work/travel experts for advice and help with whatever comes next.


The 4-Day Melbourne Mini-Pack Includes:

  • Help before you arrive
  • Personal Airport Pick Up
  • 3 Nights Dorm Accommodation
  • Admin Set Up- Tax File Number, Bank Account & Sim Card
  • Onward Travel Help


  • Employment Assistance
  • City Walking Tour
  • Eureka Skydeck Ticket- Highest Viewing Platform in the South Hemisphere!
  • Lifetime Membership in the Travel Fam
  • *Bonus Extra* Entry to Melbourne’s Largest Bar Crawl
All you have to do is choose your arrival date below and one of our team will contact you with your personalised 4 Day Arrival Itinerary!



Will I be part of a group?
Your guided portions of the 4 day trip can run pretty much every day of the week, so we take this opportunity to keep the numbers low for a more personal experience.

There can be up to 5 people in your walking tour group, or it could be just you and your guide exploring the city on your terms for the day.
Which parts of the trip are guided?
With your guide you get a full city walk complete with facts, great food tips and ideas for the rest of your time in Melbourne. You also have your personal one-on-one session with your guide for work and travel advice
Is my itinerary fixed?
Due to the nature of the 4 day package, sometimes the Explore day may come before your city walk or you can request a ‘relax’ day the day after you land if you’d like. Once you’ve booked we will send over your personalised itinerary, which takes into consideration our varied work week and what the best layout would be for you.
Are there certain days the package can start?
You can fly in any day and we are able to collect you from the airport and then will arrange your 4 days for you from there. You will get an email laying out your plans.
Will the guide collect me from the airport?
We have an Airport Shuttle Service we use to collect you (Make sure to pick the drivers brains about 7/11 and it’s coffee joys). We don’t use buses or taxis, so don’t leave the airport for the bus lanes. Your driver will contact you when you land via WhatsApp.
What happens at the end of my 4 days?
Whatever you want! We will go over what your plans are in your one-on-one session and can get you firmly on the right track. Whether it’s more accommodation in Melbourne, buckling down into work or planning the trip of a lifetime to some of Australia’s top destinations – we will make you feel 100% ready and informed.
How do I begin to get work in Australia?
We will help you with this, including CV assistance, tips and tricks for interviews and our special Employment Guide which has work contacts for various fields all over Australia. This will all be gone over during your one-on-one time.


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