The 8-Day Welcome To Travel: Melbourne is the perfect start to your Australian adventure and is ideal for backpackers, students, au pairs or Working Holiday travellers.
This is a tour for people who want to do more, see more, and make the most out of their time travelling and there is no better way than with The 8-Day Welcome To Travel: Melbourne.


This has all of the MUST DOS, didn't know you COULD DOS and ESSENTIALS for your Australian adventure.


All your questions will be answered either through email or a FREE one on one FaceTime or Skype with our team here in Melbourne. Just drop us an e-mail to confirm a time and date.
No matter what time you arrive at Melbourne International Airport, we’ll be there with our one-on-one pickup service!
– City Walking Tour
– Food & Drink Tour
– Phillip Island Overnight Tour
– Beach Time
– Wine Tasting
– Phillip Island Penguin Parade
– Epic Surf Lesson
– Get Up Close With Kangaroos
– See Koalas
– Melbourne’s Biggest Bar Crawl
– Rooftop BBQ
– Paddle Boarding At The Famous St Kilda (Summer)
– Melbourne River Cruise (Winter)
– Visit The World Famous Eureka Skydeck (Winter)

We only work with the best. YHA Australia is the most reputable hostel chain in the world and we include:
– 6 Nights at YHA Metro Melbourne
– 1 Night at YHA Phillip Island
– Australia Bank Account
– Australian SIM Card
– Tax File Number
– Medicare Guidance
– Free Mail Holding
– Life Time Membership
– Luggage Storage
As long as you’re in Australia we are here for you. We are either an email, WhatsApp or call away. We can, and often meet up with you in person!
Finding your feet in the working world overseas can be tough so we make it easy and aim to get you employed as soon as possible by including:

– One on One employment meeting
– Lifetime Access to Employer Database
– CV Writing Assistance
– Interview question advice
– Weekly Job Update E-mails
– Farmwork Help and Contacts
Not only will you make friends in the week, you’ll also meet people at our regular exclusive Welcome To Travel events.
– 2 Lunches
– 2 Dinners
– Inclusions on the Food and Drink tour
– And 4 drinks on the bar crawl!
We are all about being there for you after that first week. Not only do we assist with employment but also with travel too! We can help plan a customised dream trip for you and your new friends you’ve met on tour, all within your budget!




Get to Melbourne before the tour departs?

That’s fine! Our Airport Pickup is included any time on any day. 

Hit Book Now and the next page will let you add Extra Nights to your booking.



Do I need a visa to come to Australia?
Yes! There are both tourist and working holiday visas available and which you pick would depend on where you’re from, how long you’re staying in Australia and what your plans are for your visit.
How do I apply for a visa?
We recommend organising this as soon as possible. The application can be competed through your travel agent, or directly through the Australian Government website.


We would always recommend checking Australian Government website for any specific enquiries.

What is the average age of people on tour?
Our tours cater for people aged 18-39 years old. The average age varies each week and that’s what we love about it. 
How much money would you recommend bringing to Australia?
This depends on trip length, your travel style (backpacker or flashpacker) and what you are wanting to experience here in Australia.

On the Government website it states that you should have $5,000AUD in your bank account on arrival if you’re coming on a Working Holiday visa. This is a good savings target if you are wanting to either travel for a month or set yourself up for work after the Welcome To Travel week.

However, everybody is different and to give yourself the best chance of experiencing as many things as possible in Australia, we would recommend just saving up as much as possible before you come travelling.

How much will I need for food and drinks on The 8-Day Welcome To Travel: Melbourne?
Food: Both your first and last (Monday and Sunday) dinners of the week are included, as well as dinner on Tuesday’s food tour. Lunch is also included on the second day (Thursday) of the two day tour down to Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island. After that we’d allow $6-15 for lunch and $12-$20 for dinner should you want to eat out all the time. Most people end up cooking with the group on a night.

Drinks: Both the welcome and farewell meal will include a drink, your food tour will include two and the the bar crawl four, pretty good going! Aside from that drinks will average at $7-11 but we can also point you to plenty of happy hours at $5/6 a drink, so it really depends how often you want to go out in that first week.

What happens after my tour with Welcome To Travel?
That’s up to you! Everyone has different plans of what they want to do in Australia. Your own plan may change in the Welcome to Travel: Melbourne week after meeting some new friends.

The Welcome To Travel team are there to give you advice all throughout the week and whether it’s work or travel you’re looking to organise after, we’ll be able to help you.

We will go through options that suit you specifically in the one-on-ones on the Saturday of the tour.We have a Travel Community Manager who is there to help you throughout your whole time in Australia.

When will I receive my Australian Sim Card?
You will receive your Australian Sim Card on the Monday morning of the tour.

Don’t panic! You will be able to jump on the free wi-fi to let everyone back home know that you got to Melbourne safe and sound.

How will I find a job?
With our help, that’s how!

As part of your Welcome to Travel: Melbourne package you will receive our two-part employment guide.

One part is about the tips and advice on finding a job, and the second part is exclusive access to our portfolio of employers in several sectors such as hospitality, construction, sales and marketing and many more.

We also send out a weekly job email, with new job employment opportunities all throughout Australia.

I’ve never stayed in a dorm before, what should I expect?

Expect the best experience ever! As long as you’re polite and friendly then you’ll be fine. To get the best out of your experience we recommend talking to people in your dorm as soon as possible. Travel broadens the mind and that is mainly because of people you meet. Listen to where they’ve been, what they’ve loved, what they recommend, their funniest stories, all of it! This will be you in a few months!

Sure from time to time you may have a cliché guitar player, a snorer or a 6am deodorant sprayer (you’ll know what I mean soon!) but that’s all part of travelling and they’ll form your stories and travel experiences!

All dorms have lockers, but you will need to buy a small padlock to use them.

We aim to try and get everyone on Welcome To Melbourne in the same dorm, but if you have any special requests such as, you want to be in an all female dorm or you want to upgrade to your own room. Then will be able to assist you.

Nothing quite sums it up quite like the viral video which we made ‘Things Never Said By Backpackers’

What is a Tax File Number (TFN)?
This is basically your identity number for the Australian Tax Office and is required so you can be correctly taxed on your income from day one. You will provide this to each employers you have while here and your tax will be deducted from your wage accordingly, just as it would be in your home country.
Why do I need a bank account?
If you’re travelling as a tourist for a few weeks you don’t, a pre-loaded travel cash card would suffice. If you’re here for a prolonged period then it’s highly recommended.Not only will you save a lot on exchange/transaction fees but employers will only pay wages in to an Australian account. It’s also an extremely easy process that we will co-ordinate. Once you’ve transferred your budget from your home account to your Australian account, you’re ready to go.
What is Medicare and how do I organise it?
Medicare is Australia’s subsidised health system and as part of a reciprocal agreement between the two countries.

These countries include:



Italy – you don’t need to have been living in Italy, but you must be an Italian citizen and meet the other agreement conditions



New Zealand





United Kingdom

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