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The East Coast – End Of Semester Tour was created with students and backpackers in mind. Travel the most popular route in the world with the Australian travel experts.

If you’re wanting a tour that ticks off the bucket list, with a likeminded group, a legendary tour guide, with the option to explore more destinations then this is the tour for you!



When you land in Cairns you will be transferred to your accommodation for the next four nights. This is where you’ll meet your legendary guide, who will be with you throughout the whole tour and is your go-to person.

As everyone arrives at different times on the first day, you’ll have some chill time around the pool before we have our Welcome Meal that evening in one of the hot spots in Cairns.

We will spend the next day exploring the waterfalls and rainforests of the Atherton Tablelands. We’ll pose in front of waterfalls, slide down natural waterslides and swim in volcanic crater lakes while learning some pretty cool things about this epic landscape.

When we return to Cairns we have dinner arranged, where we chat about who got the best hair flick picture and talk about the next day where we head to the Great Barrier Reef.

Your Guide Will Be With You Every Step Of The Way

Hair Flicks At The Waterfalls Are A Must  – T.Rex Arms Are Optional

Cairns is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, so what kind of trip would it be without taking you there?! You’ll spend a full day exploring and snorkelling the world’s biggest living organism and get this, if you want to scuba dive*, you can do that too! But it is a must see the largest living organism in the world and see the underwater world.

In the evening we have our famous Bungy Party. BY THE WAY YOU DON’T HAVE TO JUMP!
We’ll be having an Aussie BBQ at the only bungy site in Australia and if you are feeling brave enough then you can see yourself climbing up the 50 metre bungy jump tower, meet your jump master who will get you connected, shuffle to the edge of the platform, take a deep breath and “3…2…1…BUNGYYYYYYYYYY*”

On day four this is where you turn into an adrenaline junkie and Cairns and its surrounds is made for it. Whether it’s skydiving* or white water rafting*, this crazy town has it all and guess what? This can all be organised with our team while on tour. They’re the experts and can answer anything and everything as well as get you booked in.

If you want to have a chill day that is fine. This is your time and it’s up to you what you do with it. You can easily laze by the lagoon but we’d recommend taking advantage of being in Northern Queensland while you can.

That evening we’re making the most of our last night in Cairns by having a night out in Gilligans, one of the biggest clubs in Cairns. It is going to be lit 🔥.

The Great Barrier Reef

A girl goes bungy jumping

Are You Going To Bungy Jump?

Wow, what a start to the tour! This day will see you get the bus to your down to Airlie Beach the gateway to the The Whitsundays! , but as it is a long day of travelling we will be spending the night in Airlie Beach.

The next day we will be jumping on a boat to paradise. What more do we even need to say? You will snorkel, swim and bask in the sun as you sail around 74 idyllic islands off the Queensland coast. I know it sounds terrible so far, so what you’ll also do is visit the world’s best beach.

With its squeaky white sands and turquoise water, Whitehaven Beach is something that will stick in your mind for life. It is the jewel in the crown of the islands with that view of the swirling white sands (from Hill Inlet Lookout) providing the perfect backdrop for that dream travel group photo.

You’ll be exploring the islands on an fast catamaran that’s so fast you get to spend more time snorkelling and exploring Whitehaven Beach.

Where will you spend the night? In multi-million dollar luxury resort all to ourselves. Where we will get the tunes pumping, whilst we have our own pool party.

After sailing back, Airlie Beach is home for the night. Where we have a meal all lined up for you and a big night out, because on day eight you have a chill day around the Airlie Beach lagoon, before jumping on an overnight bus down to Rainbow Beach.

It Is All About The Group Atmosphere

Whitehaven Beach Gives You A Strong Insta Game 💪

After a long overnight bus we will wake up and find ourselves in Rainbow Beach. No doubt you’ll be tired from that long journey, so we have nothing planned for the morning. But in the afternoon we’re going to go surfing! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Rainbow is a perfect place to shred. Our surf instructors will give you little tips and tricks on how to catch that perfect wave and our guides will be quick with the camera to make sure you get that epic surfing pic.
Tonight, we’re having a chill one because the next day we’re off to the world’s largest sand island.

By the end of this trip it will be hard to pick the highlight but it is guaranteed that Fraser Island will be up there!

Over the next 48 hours you will explore the world’s largest sand island in a convoy of 4×4 vehicles. Following your guide in the lead car, you’ll be able to drive on a 75 Mile Beach known as the freeway, before detouring inland discovering freshwater lakes, floating down lazy rivers and exploring the stunning rainforest.

This is once in a lifetime experience and we want to make the most of your time on Fraser, so we’ll be staying overnight on the island, camping close to the beach and chilling with your new travel fam.

Fraser Island – 4×4 Tag Along Safari

Perfect Insta Spots

Early on day 12 we will leave Rainbow Beach to go to one of the most beautiful towns in Australia, Noosa.

Once we’re in Noosa we’ll be checking into the hostel before heading to the beach and the extremely beautiful (and Instagrammable) Fairy Pools! It is time for you to relax and enjoy your journey….

On day 13 you have a choice, come to one of the hidden gems of Australia, The Everglades* or just chill on the beach for the day.

The Everglades is a serene National Park abundant with wildlife, where you’ll be treated to a different aspect of Australia you never knew existed. You’ll cruise up one of only two everglades in the world, before canoeing back down this peaceful piece of paradise.

That evening it is time to fight back the tears as this will be our last meal together as a family. We’ll be sharing stories about our time down the coast, get a bit emotional and then realise we have only known each other for two weeks. 😱

The next morning your guide will be there to jump on the bus with you to Brisbane, wave you goodbye and point you in the right direction. Whether you’re heading to the airport to fly home or continuing your journey with the optional add on to Brisbane, Gold Coast and Byron Bay your guides and the whole Welcome to Travel team will be there to support you for all your travel needs.

Canoe The Everglades

Fairy Pools

If you’re not in a rush and want to explore more, then this add on is perfect for you. You’ll be checking out some new places, the only difference is that although we’ll get buses and accommodation sorted for you, your guide sadly won’t be accompanying you! 😢

Before you head down on this extra adventure, the guide will run through any extra tours and trips you can do and get these all sorted for you ahead of time.

Experience the long beach with the high rise backdrop that is buzzy Surfers Paradise on the iconic Gold Coast- head to epic theme parks or party the night away in one of their multi-level nightclubs.

Compliment that with a trip to hippie chill Byron Bay, where the world slows down here and your days will be filled with honing those surf skills, eating outstanding local cuisine or experiencing one of their quirkiest day trips.

Nimbin is a town where the crowds went to a festival and refused to go home- a truly unique place to explore, surrounded by some phenomenal waterfall swims.

All this and more, your guide can get all those things arranged for you before you leave them in Brisbane.

Kayak In Byron Bay To Find Dolphins

Meet The Byron Local


14 nights accommodation.

11 dorm bed in hostels.

1 night on a multi-million dollar Whitsundays resort.

1 night camping on Fraser Island.

1 overnight bus.
1 Day Atherton Tablelands Trip

1 Day Great Barrier Reef Trip

Overnight Whitsundays Trip

Fraser Island Overnight 4 Wheel Drive Adventure

2 Hour Surf Lesson
4 Breakfast, 5 Lunches, 8 Dinners

Day 1 – Dinner

Day 2 – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3 – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4- Breakfast

Day 5- Lunch, Dinner

Day 6- Breakfast and Dinner

Day 7- Dinner

Day 8- Lunch

Day 9- Lunch and Dinner

Day 10- Dinner
Private Bus For The Atherton Tablelands

Eco Certified Catamaran Boat For The Great Barrier Reef

High Speed Catamaran Boat – Whitsundays

4×4 Vehicles: Noosa to Fraser Island / Rainbow Beach

Local Buses: Cairns to Brisbane
There will always be at least one Welcome to Travel guide with you from Cairns to Brisbane but most of the time there will be two.

Alongside this we’ll be joined by local expert guides in The Atherton Tablelands, The Great Barrier Reef, The Whitsundays & Fraser Island.
We know that not everyone is seeking adrenaline, but for those who are, you can add there on.

Day 3: Bungy Jumping

Day 3: Scuba Diving

Day 4: Skydiving

Day 4: White Water Rafting

Add these in the ‘Book Now’ page.



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As an exchange student the east coast is for sure a highlight of the semester. Welcome to Travel made it possible to have a trip with chill times, fun activities, unreal places and of course party. Totally would do it again with them if I had the chance.
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Travelling around the East Coast with Welcome to Travel was the best experience. Saw the most incredible places and they made sure we didn't have to worry about a single thing but having a good time. Definitely a must!
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The East Coast for sure is one of the best trips you can make in Australia, and Welcome to Travel organised it all. They came up with amazing places, activities and partying! I would definitely travel with them again.
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Welcome to Travel was the greatest decision, nicest people and services. We did a lot of fun activities and visit beautiful places. Wouldn’t change that experience.
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I had an awesome time with welcome to travel. They made sure we had an amazing time in all the places so that we can enjoy our time in the east coast. Very nice service and awesome people to talk too. Definitely contact welcome to travel if you want to have a good time in the east coast.



The tour starts at Cairns Airport. When future dates get announced, we will inform you of the best value for money flights.

We’ll send the exact pickup details together with your confirmation.

A lot of the food is included on our tour and there are many destinations where you can bring your own drinks.

With this in mind, we’d say $350-$550AUD spending money is realistic, but it also depends on if you want to add on any activities.

You sure can! We are experts in what to do and have options to add on everything from White Water Rafting or canoeing to Skydiving! This can be organised during the booking process or with your guide whilst you are on tour.

This is a unique itinerary with limited spots. The maximum group size is 32 people.

There can be a few small changes depending on the tour that you depart on.

The video was cut together for the Mid-Semester Tour which goes from Brisbane to Cairns, however the End of Semester goes from Cairns to Brisbane.

In Cairns we will be exploring the Atherton Tablelands, whereas the video shows parts of Cape Tribulation.

The Whitsundays experience may change. We will either be sailing and staying on a boat or be travelling on a fast catamaran and staying at a resort.


This tour is for everyone aged 18-39 years old, who wants to explore as much of the East Coast of Australia in a short amount of time.

The itinerary works perfectly for students in Australia wanting to travel at the end of their semester. We also have an option for the Mid-Semester too.

No! You can reserve your spot for just $299AUD and pay off the remainder at least 21 days before the start date. If your start date is within 21 days, you do have to pay in full to book.

Of course! Just let us know your wishes by filling in the “Special Requirements” box during the booking process.

If you want advice on travelling the East Coast, but can’t travel on these dates, then go to our Travel Advice page and we can help you from there. We can also help with any other destination in Australia, New Zealand or Asia. We’re experienced travel experts and can organise anything to suit you and your travel style.

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